Welcome, if you've just arrived, this is where I tell you about my education and experiences in IT thus far...

I started learning to code at Pontypridd Technical College where I got my first City & Guilds in Programming in Pascal. I enjoyed it so much I went back the following year and completed another two C & G's in Coding and Progamming in C and Microcomputer Systems Installation and Maintenance. This changed my concept of computing totally and I decided to find out about higher education.

My next foray into the realms of programming was with the Open University, where I studied MU120 Open Mathematics, T171 You Your Computer and the Net, M206 Computing: An Object Oriented Approach, T223 Microprocessor-based Computers and M358 Relational Databases, the last three giving me a Diploma in Computing.

After that, I needed something else to do, so I enrolled for an HNC in Computing at Ystrad-Mynach College of Higher Education. As you may well guess, I was bitten by the bug.

Wondering what to do next, I approached the University of Glamorgan, where I completed a DipHE in Computing.

The following year (September 2005), saw me back at Glamorgan, where I started my BSc and completed my honours in 2007. As a result, I am now looking for work in the IT sector.

Now I have a little spare time, I thought I'd better spice up my site a little and convert everything to xhtml, css etc. and maybe pop in a little AJAX as well, since this particular technology has appeared to have grown in popularity somewhat.

One thing about AJAX, you don't have to write it all yourself, Google offers a nice free AJAX API for developers, all you have to do is get your own key and you can Google to your hearts content. Talking of which, here is an example of the Google Maps API. You can zoom in, out, drag it around, change it to a satellite view or even combine the two types of map together. Clever folk they have at Google...

I almost forgot, you can get your own personal Google Maps Key here >> Google Maps

How about typing in your location, and getting you own personal directions to Pontypridd?

Just type in your post code or town name. Again, thanks to Google's API.

Some of my holiday snaps, courtesy of the Mootools AJAX slideshow

click on the left or right arrows at the top of the pictures to scroll the images.