Hello, as you have guessed from the site name, my name is Chris. I am a web and database developer, specialising in PHP, MYSQL and javaScript/JQuery and whatever it takes to get the job done.

Further development of my site will have to be put on the shelf for the moment, as I have just been taken on as a junior developer for a well known insurance comparison company. Suffice to say I am over the moon right now.

While you're here, take a look around, there are many examples of my coding dotted all around the site. Although, during this update process, it may be a little higgldy piggldy.

For example, my 'about' page demonstrates the use of Google Maps integration and my tutorials page has some ermmmm tutorials :D Have fun, and hopefully enjoy.

Samples of my code

Here are some examples of my code, using mathematics in javascript, Solar Panel Tariff Feeder.

Do you prefer to input English formatted dates instead of American dates? Try this English Dates in PHP and MySQL.

An example of a Responsive design.